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Colus are sewer rehabilitation experts, and work with some of the largest organisations in the country. We provide a range of no dig pipe repair services, and sewer relining is one of them.


No dig pipe repair is also known as no dig technology, and is a way of providing sewer rehabilitation services without causing disruption to the area. The technology has evolved in recent years and Colus are able to fix faults in pipes without having to dig up the ground.

With sewer relining, one of its main advantages is that it is a ‘trenchless’ technology, meaning the location of the faulty pipe and the surrounding area is not damaged or disrupted. This means there is less inconvenience and less environmental disruption. Digging up trenches to fix pipes can lead to scarring in the roads and lead to potholes and deterioration, therefore relining enables Colus to repair sewers and drains while maintaining the roads. Sewer relining, in short, is the cheapest and most effective way to repair a drain or a sewer.

To determine what the sewer problem is, we will perform a CCTV drain survey by sending a robot into the pipe. We will then be able to assess the damage and check to see if relining is the correct procedure to use.

Sewer relining works by inserting and inflating an epoxy or polyester based resin lining inside the sewer where the problem is. This method allows us to prevent problems such as leaking joints, root intrusion and pipe cracks in the sewer. We design our liner in house so that it is specific to the pipe and the problem in hand.

Colus provide sewer relining for a number of water authorities all over the UK. To discuss what Colus can d

o for your business or organisation, call our highly skilled team on 01934 838262 or you can email us at

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