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A family from Cleethorpes had a surprise at the beginning of this month as a 3ft snake came out of their garden drain.

The snake had been missing for around 5 months, with local residents reporting a number of sightings, and it is believed the snake had been living in the sewers. The Mexican king snake was caught after it crawled out of a drain.

Snakes are not the only things people have found in the sewers over the years, with some of the most bizarre listed below:

  • A Baby – A baby was found in China after a mother supposedly gave birth whilst on the toilet. The baby is however now fine after being cut out by firefighters.
  • Although no longer bizarre, many mobile phones find themselves lost in sewers across the UK.
  • Teeth – Yes that is right, Teeth. False teeth are often found in sewerage or drain pipes having been dropped through the sink or down the toilet.
  • Air Freshener- This is our favourite bizarre thing. Sewerage is often smelly but someone obviously wanted to freshen the place up a little and sent an air freshener down tier pipe. Unfortunately the unit just blocked it all up and made the smell back up worse.

These are just a few things that have been found in sewers in the past. If you notice something strange about your sewer or drain, if it is not clearing properly or something appears to be lodged in it, then call Colus on 01934 838262 to solve your drain problems today.

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