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Colus have been dealing with Severn Trent Water for a number of years, helping them to provide clean water to many homes within their water works.

However, when people think of water, they think of the tap, but here we are going to look at some of the facts and figures behind the work that Severn Trent do.

Obviously, their main aim is to make water that people can drink and consume into the body, so with a percentage of 99.98% compliance with the drinking water agencies means the water is extremely safe to drink.

To do this they have carried out a staggering 500,000 tests on their water, checking for a number of specific criteria as specified by water quality standards.

They have over 46,000km of water pipes that they maintain which takes water to 7.7million people within the UK.

Our water comes from three different sources, including surface water, groundwater and mixed water with 64%, 32% and 4% coming from each respectively.

Severn Trent Water also supplies an average of 1.8 billion litres of drinking water to homes across the area each day.

So the next time you get your water to your tap, just think for a moment about where it has come from and the effort that goes into bringing it to your home.

We are proud of our partnership with Severn Trent Water and have helped them achieve many of the results they have through our drainage clearance and drain maintenance quality.

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