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Are Your Drains and Pipes Ready For The Cold Spell?

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Winter is definitely on it’s way, which means frosty mornings, freezing nights and hazardous weather.

In the winter months, it is really important to prevent any water in pipes and storage tanks from freezing. This could leave your home without running water or heating – or worse, a leak or burst in your home.

And, as drains and pipes can often feel the adverse effects of plummeting winter temperatures, Colus wants to make sure you know how to prepare beforehand. Here’s our simple tips to help you be prepared this winter…

Preparing Your Drains and Pipes

Leakages – Have you noticed any leakages outside your property? A simple inspection can help rectify any small leakages before they become a bigger problem. Once noticed, you can call out a professional to fix the leak before potential freezing and blockages.

Insulate – Is your home insulated properly? Insulation is one of the best ways in which to guard against frost damage. All drains and pipes should be insulated properly to save them from freezing as well as reducing your energy expenditure. Whereas those that are not in use, should be drained for the cold spell.

Drain Protection – Are there still leaves falling in your garden? Make sure no errant material falls into your drains and purchase a drain protector formed out of a non-freeze plastic. Even the smallest protectors can make a huge difference.

Know Your Stop Tap – Do you know where your internal stop tap is? If not, it is important to find out where it is in your property and make sure you can turn it off. Most stop taps are fitted under the kitchen sink or stairs and can be turned off by turning clockwise.

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Beat the Winter Blues

Keeping your home, pipes and drains guarded against frozen water damage isn’t as difficult as you might have initially imagined. Just by taking a couple of preliminary precautions, you can make sure you are ready for when the temperature drops.

However, if there is an emergency and your pipes do freeze, you should turn off your water supply at the stop valve straight away. Without switching on your boiler or immersion heater, you should contact a professional plumber. But at least you will be more prepared for next year!

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