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DROUGHT & FLOODING – The Impact of British Weather

Flash Flooding

Britain is still feeling hot, and it doesn’t look like the heatwave is going anywhere just yet! Experts suggest this is one of the hottest summer’s ever on record, with some even saying temperatures are expected to remain high into October.

But, as a Country that is never fully prepared for the different types of weather; torrential rain, flooding, heavy snow; what does this hot weather mean for us and what should we be doing to be prepared for the next level…

Climate Change & Water Infrastructure

A new report, from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), published on August 7th, predicts that Britain’s water industry faces higher costs for treating and managing water supplies, due to the increasing risk of drought and flooding.

The report, called: “Water: Drought and Flood”, states that companies will need to ‘significantly’ increase the pace of pipework replacement, which while expensive, is “becoming essential”.Flooding - Water Infrastructure

It continues to say that to combat flooding, particularly after long periods of dry and hot weather, greater investment will be required in urban drainage systems. This will include more investment in sustainable urban drainage, such as parkland, ponds and ditches.

The report recommends that all major UK cities should publish research on their water infrastructure needs to ensure new homes and businesses are designed and developed with increased extreme weather in mind.

Be Prepared

It might still be feeling hot, but forecasters have promised storms and heavy rain into the weekend. This means now is definitely the right time to make sure precautions are taken beforehand…

Recent history tells us that it is entirely possible for prolonged drought to be followed quickly by serious flooding. Flood risks increase during heatwaves because dried-out ground becomes compacted and hard, reducing the speed with which water from sudden downpours during thunderstorms can be absorbed.

Therefore now is the perfect time for businesses to check their drainage systems are in optimum condition to cope with any deluges that are likely to come.

Flash Flooding

Experts have also warned that Flash Flooding could even be on the cards. Sometimes, extreme flash flooding can only last minutes, however it can be as devastating to a business and to the lives of families as a prolonged flood. Even with insurance pay-outs, most businesses never recover from having premises flooded.

“The upcoming potential thunderstorms could lead to torrential downpours in places with up to 30mm of rainfall falling in an hour. Lightning is quite likely and, for a few unlucky spots, large hail, flash flooding and strong gusty winds, all leading to difficult driving conditions,” Frank Saunders, Chief Meteorologist, Met Office.

Contact Colus

As a Country, we are under no illusion how serious and life-threatening flood damage can be. This is why we want you to take the necessary precautions before it is too late.

Drainage problems can also affect flooding, therefore it’s so important for any issues to be dealt with immediately, If you have a drainage problem or are worried about anything else in your area, contact our expert team on 01934 838262 or visit our website.

The hot weather has been a delight, but let’s hope the aftermath is not too devastating!

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