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At Colus we understand that an unexpected sewer problem can cause disruption and massive inconvenience to businesses across the UK. In general, reactive maintenance alone can incur considerable costs if major problems persist.

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A blocked drain will generally occur due to a build-up of debris or silt in the drainpipe, the disposal of inappropriate materials (e.g. sanitary products) or as a result of a structural defect.

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Colus operates a fleet of gully sucking units helping local government, highways authorities and councils undertake routine cleaning and maintenance of their highway drainage systems

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Using market leading plant and equipment, including the specially designed combination jetting units, we are able to deliver an extensive range of jetting services.

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Desilting pipes, drains and sewers is one of the best ways to ensure your drainage system is fully operational and greatly reduces the risk of flooding from wet weather.

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Culvert Cleaning

Our staff have combined many years of experience in dealing with cleaning and rehabilitating culverts passing beneath railway lines and roads.

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Wet Well Cleaning

Colus utilise specialist suction/jetting units to clean wet wells and pump stations for vital preventative maintenance and emergency blockages - even in hard to reach locations.

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