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Heavy winds and rain caused severe flooding and damage across the north and east of England last week, with Humberside particularly affected.

The drains and the river banks could not cope with the large amounts of water and the tidal surges that hit the area, leaving many people without electric and having to evacuate their homes.

As sewer renovation experts, it is in situations like this where our expertise are invaluable, and across the country we have been involved with clearing the drainage network and helping people return to normal lifestyles once more. This is something we have done on many different clean up operations and have experience in clearing the area quickly.

When the water levels rise so fast and there is a copious amount in a short period of time, the drainage network cannot cope. These problems are also made worse by the fact that there are blockages formed by leaves or tree branches, which are brought down by the adverse conditions, which prevent the natural flow of water.

During any cleanup operation, our team can use a range of different methods, including water jetting. This is a highly effective method when there is a large build-up of debris and sees water under a high pressure break apart blockages. During extreme conditions however, sometimes a better method is using simple removal by hand as twigs and sticks may be caught in grates, or by sending down a CCTV camera to diagnose the cause of the problem. Occasionally items such as cardboard and plastic can be blown into the drains which will need to be removed via a different method.

With this type of emergency sewer repair, it is important that we work fast and efficiently. As a result, we have multiple teams around the country who are able to undertake your drainage work quickly, meaning we are never too far away.

For more information about how we can help in a crisis situation, and the full range of services we provide, please do not hesitate to call Colus on 01934 838262

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