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Colus have been providing an expert drainage service in the North of England for a number of years. One of the main reasons they have been able to do this is because of their superb drain surveying, which highlights problems before they become serious.

Sewers will naturally deteriorate over time due to many problems, including misalignments and the movement of the ground, as well as blockages causing excess weight in specific areas.

Using the very latest CCTV equipment, Colus are able to carry out an extensive survey on the drains. The equipment shows up any flaws in the pipework which will prevent it running effectively. This technology can be a great help to our clients, which include water companies as we can also quickly pinpoint any areas where there might be a leak.

Colus’ team of expert engineers have full training in the use of the equipment which also means they can use it to find the source of problems quickly. Once a problem has been found, which can be seen on high quality instant imaging, they can produce a detailed report which outlines the next steps fully.

The report can also be accompanied by a DVD which shows the real extent of the damage and if chosen to complete the work, they will always send a CCTV camera down again to show how it has been fixed, offering complete peace of mind to the client.

If you need a survey, you can contact Colus on 01934 838262 or to discuss your CCTV drain survey requirements.

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