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Rotherham based sewer renovation specialist Colus Ltd have recently undertaken work on a culvert that runs beneath the A639 (Park Road) in Pontefract.

The work was carried out on behalf of Wakefield Council and involved the removal of 56 tonnes of silt from a Concrete Box Type Construction Culvert which measured 1200mm x 900mm.

Colus Ltd have developed a vast array of experience to undertake inspections of all forms of culvert construction, ranging from small diameter corrugated buried steel structures to high volume cast in-situ reinforced concrete structures.

Due to the nature of the work, Tool Box Talks were given to all operatives prior to work starting. The talks highlighted the surrounding environment and ensured that everybody was fully aware of the local wildlife. Particular attention was made to the possible bat habitation and the need to report any bat sighting immediately.

The initial stages of the work began with pumps being set up to keep the water level at a safe working depth in order to allow access in to the culvert.

Once inside, the 56 tonnes of silt was extracted using specialist equipment which pumped the silt into tankers. The tankers then exported the silt to a nearby land fill site in Pontefract.

A length of approximately 20 metres was cleaned within 24 hours before being made available for inspection. Consultants to Wakefield Council inspected and confirmed that the culvert had been successfully cleaned to the specified standard.

The site was then dismantled in accordance with all health and safety regulations.

“The expertise of Colus has allowed Wakefield Council to achieve internal inspection of Parkside Culvert safely in hazardous conditions. The culvert under the A639 Park Road north of Pontefract is normally submerged and to gain entry it was necessary to remove a considerable amount of silt in addition to de-watering,” comments Mike Holmes, Engineer (Bridges) at Wakefield Council.

“Work on the restricted site was undertaken with due regard to the environment and without disruption to the travelling public on the busy highway network. Immediately following the clearing out Colus supervised the confined space entry procedures to allow the inspection to be carried out safely. The Bridges Section of Wakefield Council are pleased to be assured in difficult circumstances that the structure is in good condition and is only in need of minor superficial repairs to improve its condition,” Mike concludes.

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