Drains & Sewers – Culvert Cleaning

Our staff have combined many years of experience in dealing with cleaning and rehabilitating culverts passing beneath railway lines and roads.

Culverts are generally large diameter pipes with brick construction that are remote and difficult to access. Colus have the experience, knowledge and capabilities to undertake inspections of all forms of culvert construction, ranging from small diameter corrugated buried steel structures to high volume cast in-situ reinforced concrete structures. All inspections are performed by fully qualified and competent inspectors and our inspection techniques will depend on the type of culvert but generally we will use either CCTV inspection, man entry methods or potentially a combination of both. Once the inspection has been carried out, Colus will identify the most suitable corrective solution. The most common type of repair is Relining the full length using a Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) which will provide increased strength and flow to the culvert. Contact Colus on 01934 838262 or info@colus.co.uk to discuss your culvert inspection requirements.

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