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If you have noticed a bad smell or are experiencing frequent blockages, you might have a serious drainage problem. There may be a problem with the structure of the pipes or there may even be a collapsed sewer or drain pipe.

If this is the case, you will need a team of specialists to repair it, and that is where Colus come in. We are experts at drain and sewer repair, and we renovate sewers all over the UK, working with many water organisations and councils, proving we are the trusted and chosen company when dealing with sewers.

One way we repair drain pipes and sewers is through something called patch repair. But what is patch repair and how do we do it?

Well, firstly we perform a CCTV survey to determine what the problem is and where it is.

The patching process takes place after the CCTV survey. Patch repairs are a very efficient and low cost solution for most damaged pipework. Our qualified engineers are highly skilled at adept at providing a relining service for damaged pipework, including when many patches are required.

To begin, we clean the pipework with a high pressure water jet, getting rid of any debris, tree roots and anything else that might be blocking the pipe. The camera from the CCTV survey is then sent in again to determine what size patch will be required, and we can then mark the location of the damaged area that will be patched.

Following this, we cut the correct size patch and we paint resin on to the fibreglass patching material. At this stage of the patching process the air bag will inflate to hold the patch in place.

The patch is then wound onto the air bag and is pushed through the damaged pipe towards the location of the damaged pipe that was determined in the CCTV survey. When the patch is in the correct place we inflate it using the air bag, and it takes on the shape of the existing pipe. We then leave the pipe to cure.

The time it takes to cure can vary depending on the temperature, but the patch usually takes about an hour to harden. We then deflate the air bag and pull it back through the pipe, leaving a solid repair in place. After we have completed the patch repair, we run a camera through the pipe again to ensure the problem has been fixed.

So there you have it! That is how we repair pipes using patch repair. If you think you would benefit from patch repair, please contact Colus on 01934 838262.

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