CCTV & Surveys

CCTV Surveys

Colus are able to efficiently carry out pipeline inspections and identify sewer defects for a number of the UK’s water companies, engineering consultants and industrial based organisations.

Manhole Inspections

Colus can work with utility companies, local autorities and corporate clients to identify defects and leaks in manholes before they get too serious.

Homebuyer Surveys

To ensure there are no hidden surprises underground when purchasing your next home – commission us to conduct a drain survey alongside your homebuyers survey to get a clearer picture.

Investigation & Mapping

Colus can offer a complete range of survey and inspection techniques that present a comprehensive representation of a drainage network regardless of location or the size of the site.

Walk Through Surveys

If you need a clearer picture of what work is involved or need to have a firm idea of budget requirements then we can assist with a walk-through survey to provide a detailed analysis.

Pollution Surveys

Any organisation at risk of causing environmental pollution through disposal, spillage or accident needs to take an active position on monitoring and controlling that risk.

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