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Colus Deliver Cost Reduction with No-Dig Repair

The 100mm pipe ran underneath an extension and a conservatory, they was a lot of politics attached to the jobs. The only way the pipe could be excavated would be if the extension was taken down.

The pipe was shallow but underneath a concrete floor, this had had a previous failed repair carried out by homeserve, which led to the homeowner not wanting another excavation in the house, the pipe was also near the main wall which meant the extension would need to come down. The pipe had 2 major faults which caused blockages and internal floods.

There was no available divert route and ne services would of needed to be installed, the level of the houses were 2m below road level, this would of been a huge job.

The following faults were found -
  • JDL approx 20%
  • Collapsed and Dropped Pipework

A 3m patch had to be installed to allow cutting work to take place, with the patch holding the integrity of the pipework whilst the soffit was removed. Also in the same action the JDL was cut out

The intruding patch was then cut back before a double skin patch was placed over the junction and reopened to 100mm diameter.

The soffit then had to to be completely removed and the surrounding concrete cut and shaped to allow the path for the new patch.

The new pipe installed by Colus was made up of double strength patch repair with a smooth path created to no longer hold water whilst remaining air tight. This section of sewer has not blocked since the repair was carried out.

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